/CakePHP 4.1

Namespace Cake\Console

Classes summary

  • CommandRunner

    Run CLI commands for the provided application.

  • TaskRegistry

    Registry for Tasks. Provides features for lazily loading tasks.

  • ConsoleInputSubcommand

    An object to represent a single subcommand used in the command line.

  • CommandCollection

    Collection for Commands.

  • Helper

    Base class for Helpers.

  • HelperRegistry

    Registry for Helpers. Provides features for lazily loading helpers.

  • Arguments

    Provides an interface for interacting with a command's options and arguments.

  • ConsoleInputArgument

    An object to represent a single argument used in the command line.

  • CommandFactory

    This is a factory for creating Command and Shell instances.

  • ConsoleOutput

    Object wrapper for outputting information from a shell application.

  • CommandScanner

    Used by CommandCollection and CommandTask to scan the filesystem for command classes.

  • BaseCommand

    Base class for console commands.

  • ConsoleInputOption

    An object to represent a single option used in the command line.

  • ConsoleOptionParser

    Handles parsing the ARGV in the command line and provides support for GetOpt compatible option definition. Provides a builder pattern implementation for creating shell option parsers.

  • HelpFormatter

    HelpFormatter formats help for console shells. Can format to either text or XML formats. Uses ConsoleOptionParser methods to generate help.

  • ConsoleIo

    A wrapper around the various IO operations shell tasks need to do.

  • ShellDispatcher

    Shell dispatcher handles dispatching CLI commands.

  • Shell

    Base class for command-line utilities for automating programmer chores.

  • ConsoleInput

    Object wrapper for interacting with stdin

Interfaces summary

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