/CakePHP 4.1

Namespace Cake\Database\Statement

Classes summary

  • CallbackStatement

    Wraps a statement in a callback that allows row results to be modified when being fetched.

  • BufferedStatement

    A statement decorator that implements buffered results.

  • MysqlStatement

    Statement class meant to be used by a MySQL PDO driver

  • PDOStatement

    Decorator for \PDOStatement class mainly used for converting human readable fetch modes into PDO constants.

  • SqliteStatement

    Statement class meant to be used by an Sqlite driver

  • SqlserverStatement

    Statement class meant to be used by an Sqlserver driver

  • StatementDecorator

    Represents a database statement. Statements contains queries that can be executed multiple times by binding different values on each call. This class also helps convert values to their valid representation for the corresponding types.

Traits summary

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