/CakePHP 4.1

Namespace Cake\Validation

Classes summary

  • ValidationRule

    ValidationRule object. Represents a validation method, error message and rules for applying such method to a field.

  • ValidationSet

    ValidationSet object. Holds all validation rules for a field and exposes methods to dynamically add or remove validation rules

  • Validator

    Validator object encapsulates all methods related to data validations for a model It also provides an API to dynamically change validation rules for each model field.

  • RulesProvider

    A Proxy class used to remove any extra arguments when the user intended to call a method in another class that is not aware of validation providers signature

  • Validation

    Validation Class. Used for validation of model data

Interfaces summary

Traits summary

  • ValidatorAwareTrait

    A trait that provides methods for building and interacting with Validators.

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