/CakePHP 4.1

Namespace Cake\View

Classes summary

  • ViewBlock

    ViewBlock implements the concept of Blocks or Slots in the View layer.

  • JsonView

    A view class that is used for JSON responses.

  • Helper

    Abstract base class for all other Helpers in CakePHP.

  • HelperRegistry

    HelperRegistry is used as a registry for loaded helpers and handles loading and constructing helper class objects.

  • Cell

    Cell base.

  • XmlView

    A view class that is used for creating XML responses.

  • ViewBuilder

    Provides an API for iteratively building a view up.

  • View

    View, the V in the MVC triad. View interacts with Helpers and view variables passed in from the controller to render the results of the controller action. Often this is HTML, but can also take the form of JSON, XML, PDF's or streaming files.

  • StringTemplate

    Provides an interface for registering and inserting content into simple logic-less string templates.

  • AjaxView

    A view class that is used for AJAX responses.

  • SerializedView

    Parent class for view classes generating serialized outputs like JsonView and XmlView.

Traits summary

  • StringTemplateTrait

    Adds string template functionality to any class by providing methods to load and parse string templates.

  • ViewVarsTrait

    Provides the set() method for collecting template context.

  • CellTrait

    Provides cell() method for usage in Controller and View classes.

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