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Use the breakpoint resource to add breakpoints to recipes. Run the chef-shell in chef-client mode, and then use those breakpoints to debug recipes. Breakpoints are ignored by the chef-client during an actual chef-client run. That said, breakpoints are typically used to debug recipes only when running them in a non-production environment, after which they are removed from those recipes before the parent cookbook is uploaded to the Chef server.


A breakpoint resource block creates a breakpoint in a recipe:

breakpoint 'name' do
  action :break


  • :break will tell the chef-client to stop running a recipe; can only be used when the chef-client is being run in chef-shell mode


This resource has the following actions:

Use to add a breakpoint to a recipe.
Define this resource block to do nothing until notified by another resource to take action. When this resource is notified, this resource block is either run immediately or it is queued up to be run at the end of the chef-client run.


This resource does not have any properties.


The following examples demonstrate various approaches for using resources in recipes. If you want to see examples of how Chef uses resources in recipes, take a closer look at the cookbooks that Chef authors and maintains: https://github.com/chef-cookbooks.

A recipe without a breakpoint

yum_key node['yum']['elrepo']['key'] do
  url  node['yum']['elrepo']['key_url']
  action :add

yum_repository 'elrepo' do
  description 'ELRepo.org Community Enterprise Linux Extras Repository'
  key node['yum']['elrepo']['key']
  mirrorlist node['yum']['elrepo']['url']
  includepkgs node['yum']['elrepo']['includepkgs']
  exclude node['yum']['elrepo']['exclude']
  action :create

The same recipe with breakpoints

breakpoint "before yum_key node['yum']['repo_name']['key']" do
  action :break

yum_key node['yum']['repo_name']['key'] do
  url  node['yum']['repo_name']['key_url']
  action :add

breakpoint "after yum_key node['yum']['repo_name']['key']" do
  action :break

breakpoint "before yum_repository 'repo_name'" do
  action :break

yum_repository 'repo_name' do
  description 'description'
  key node['yum']['repo_name']['key']
  mirrorlist node['yum']['repo_name']['url']
  includepkgs node['yum']['repo_name']['includepkgs']
  exclude node['yum']['repo_name']['exclude']
  action :create

breakpoint "after yum_repository 'repo_name'" do
  action :break

where the name of each breakpoint is an arbitrary string. In the previous examples, the names are used to indicate if the breakpoint is before or after a resource, and then also to specify which resource.

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