/CMake 3.15


Perform the CTest Configure Step as a Dashboard Client.

ctest_configure([BUILD <build-dir>] [SOURCE <source-dir>] [APPEND]
                [OPTIONS <options>] [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>] [QUIET]
                [CAPTURE_CMAKE_ERROR <result-var>])

Configure the project build tree and record results in Configure.xml for submission with the ctest_submit() command.

The options are:

BUILD <build-dir>
Specify the top-level build directory. If not given, the CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY variable is used.
SOURCE <source-dir>
Specify the source directory. If not given, the CTEST_SOURCE_DIRECTORY variable is used.
Mark Configure.xml for append to results previously submitted to a dashboard server since the last ctest_start() call. Append semantics are defined by the dashboard server in use. This does not cause results to be appended to a .xml file produced by a previous call to this command.
OPTIONS <options>
Specify command-line arguments to pass to the configuration tool.
RETURN_VALUE <result-var>
Store in the <result-var> variable the return value of the native configuration tool.
Store in the <result-var> variable -1 if there are any errors running the command and prevent ctest from returning non-zero if an error occurs.
Suppress any CTest-specific non-error messages that would have otherwise been printed to the console. Output from the underlying configure command is not affected.

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