/CMake 3.15


This property specifies the list of libraries or targets which will be used for linking. In addition to accepting values from the target_link_libraries() command, values may be set directly on any target using the set_property() command.

The value of this property is used by the generators to set the link libraries for the compiler.

Contents of LINK_LIBRARIES may use “generator expressions” with the syntax $<...>. See the cmake-generator-expressions(7) manual for available expressions. See the cmake-buildsystem(7) manual for more on defining buildsystem properties.


A call to target_link_libraries(<target> ...) may update this property on <target>. If <target> was not created in the same directory as the call then target_link_libraries() will add a suffix of the form ::@<directory-id> to each entry, where the ::@ is a separator and the <directory-id> is unspecified. This tells the generators that the named libraries must be looked up in the scope of the caller rather than in the scope in which the <target> was created. Valid directory ids are stripped on export by the install(EXPORT) and export() commands.

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