/CMake 3.15


Compiler identification string.

A short string unique to the compiler vendor. Possible values include:

Absoft = Absoft Fortran (absoft.com)
ADSP = Analog VisualDSP++ (analog.com)
AppleClang = Apple Clang (apple.com)
ARMCC = ARM Compiler (arm.com)
ARMClang = ARM Compiler based on Clang (arm.com)
Bruce = Bruce C Compiler
CCur = Concurrent Fortran (ccur.com)
Clang = LLVM Clang (clang.llvm.org)
Cray = Cray Compiler (cray.com)
Embarcadero, Borland = Embarcadero (embarcadero.com)
Flang = Flang LLVM Fortran Compiler
G95 = G95 Fortran (g95.org)
GNU = GNU Compiler Collection (gcc.gnu.org)
GHS = Green Hills Software (www.ghs.com)
HP = Hewlett-Packard Compiler (hp.com)
IAR = IAR Systems (iar.com)
Intel = Intel Compiler (intel.com)
MSVC = Microsoft Visual Studio (microsoft.com)
NVIDIA = NVIDIA CUDA Compiler (nvidia.com)
OpenWatcom = Open Watcom (openwatcom.org)
PGI = The Portland Group (pgroup.com)
PathScale = PathScale (pathscale.com)
SDCC = Small Device C Compiler (sdcc.sourceforge.net)
SunPro = Oracle Solaris Studio (oracle.com)
TI = Texas Instruments (ti.com)
TinyCC = Tiny C Compiler (tinycc.org)
XL, VisualAge, zOS = IBM XL (ibm.com)
XLClang = IBM Clang-based XL (ibm.com)

This variable is not guaranteed to be defined for all compilers or languages.

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