/CMake 3.19


Place a source file inside a Application Bundle (MACOSX_BUNDLE), Core Foundation Bundle (BUNDLE), or Framework Bundle (FRAMEWORK). It is applicable for macOS and iOS.

Executable targets with the MACOSX_BUNDLE property set are built as macOS or iOS application bundles on Apple platforms. Shared library targets with the FRAMEWORK property set are built as macOS or iOS frameworks on Apple platforms. Module library targets with the BUNDLE property set are built as macOS CFBundle bundles on Apple platforms. Source files listed in the target with this property set will be copied to a directory inside the bundle or framework content folder specified by the property value. For macOS Application Bundles the content folder is <name>.app/Contents. For macOS Frameworks the content folder is <name>.framework/Versions/<version>. For macOS CFBundles the content folder is <name>.bundle/Contents (unless the extension is changed). See the PUBLIC_HEADER, PRIVATE_HEADER, and RESOURCE target properties for specifying files meant for Headers, PrivateHeaders, or Resources directories.

If the specified location is equal to Resources, the resulting location will be the same as if the RESOURCE property had been used. If the specified location is a sub-folder of Resources, it will be placed into the respective sub-folder. Note: For iOS Apple uses a flat bundle layout where no Resources folder exist. Therefore CMake strips the Resources folder name from the specified location.

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