Autoloader, which is fully compatible with PSR-4, and can be used to autoload your Helper, Page, and Step classes.


private __construct()

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public static addNamespace($prefix, $base_dir, $prepend = null)

Adds a base directory for a namespace prefix.


// app\Codeception\UserHelper will be loaded from '/path/to/helpers/UserHelper.php'
Autoload::addNamespace('app\Codeception', '/path/to/helpers');

// LoginPage will be loaded from '/path/to/pageobjects/LoginPage.php'
Autoload::addNamespace('', '/path/to/pageobjects');

Autoload::addNamespace('app\Codeception', '/path/to/controllers');
  • param string $prefix The namespace prefix.
  • param string $base_dir A base directory for class files in the namespace.
  • param bool $prepend If true, prepend the base directory to the stack instead of appending it; this causes it to be searched first rather than last.
  • return void

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public static load($class)

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protected static loadMappedFile($prefix, $relative_class)

Load the mapped file for a namespace prefix and relative class.

  • param string $prefix The namespace prefix.
  • param string $relative_class The relative class name.
  • return mixed Boolean false if no mapped file can be loaded, or the name of the mapped file that was loaded.

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protected static requireFile($file)

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