Executes tests. Requires codecept.json config to be present in provided path.

Run all tests from current dir

codeceptjs run

Load config and run tests from test dir

codeceptjs run -c test

Run only tests with "signin" word in name

codeceptjs run --grep "signin"

Run all tests without "@IEOnly" word in name

codeceptjs run --grep "@IEOnly" --invert

Run single test [path to codecept.js] [test filename]

codeceptjs run github_test.js

Run single test with steps printed

codeceptjs run github_test.js --steps

Run single test in debug mode

codeceptjs run github_test.js --debug

Run test with internal logs printed (global promises, and events).

codeceptjs run github_test.js --verbose

Select config file manually (-c or --config option)

codeceptjs run -c my.codecept.conf.js
codeceptjs run --config path/to/codecept.json

Override config on the fly. Provide valid JSON which will be merged into current config:

codeceptjs run --override '{ "helpers": {"WebDriverIO": {"browser": "chrome"}}}'

Run tests and produce xunit report:

codeceptjs run --reporter xunit

Use any of Mocha reporters used.

Run multiple

Run multiple suites.

codeceptjs run-multiple smoke:chrome regression:firefox


Creates codecept.json file in current directory:

codeceptjs init

Or in provided path

codecept init test


Interactive shell. Allows to try I. commands in runtime

codeceptjs shell


Create new test

codeceptjs generate test

Create new pageobject

codeceptjs generate pageobject

Create new helper

codeceptjs generate helper

TypeScript Definitions

TypeScript Definitions allows IDEs to provide autocompletion when writing tests.

codeceptjs def
codeceptjs def --config path/to/codecept.json

Produces steps.d.ts file, which referenced in the very beginning of a test file.

/// <reference path="./steps.d.ts" />
Feature('My new test');

After doing that IDE should provide autocompletion for I object inside Scenario and within blocks.

List Commands

Prints all available methods of I to console

codeceptjs list

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