atomic() noexcept = default;
(since C++11)
(until C++20)
constexpr atomic() noexcept(std::is_nothrow_default_constructible_v<T>);
(since C++20)
constexpr atomic( T desired ) noexcept;
(2) (since C++11)
atomic( const atomic& ) = delete;
(3) (since C++11)

Constructs new atomic variable.

1) The default constructor is trivial: no initialization takes place other than zero initialization of static and thread-local objects. std::atomic_init may be used to complete initialization. (until C++20)
1) Value-initializes the underlying object (i.e. with T()). The initialization is not atomic. Use of the default constructor is ill-formed if std::is_default_constructible_v<T> is false. (since C++20)
2) Initializes the underlying object with desired. The initialization is not atomic.
3) Atomic variables are not CopyConstructible.


desired - value to initialize with


The default-initialized std::atomic<T> does not contain a T object, and its only valid uses are destruction and initialization by std::atomic_init, see LWG 2334.

(until C++20)

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