std::chrono::time_of_day<Duration>::hours, std::chrono::time_of_day<Duration>::minutes, std::chrono::time_of_day<Duration>::seconds, std::chrono::time_of_day<Duration>::subseconds

member of all specializations
constexpr std::chrono::hours hours() const noexcept;
member of all specializations except time_of_day<std::chrono::hours>
constexpr std::chrono::minutes minutes() const noexcept;
member only of the time_of_day<std::chrono::seconds> and time_of_day<std::chrono::duration<Rep, Period>> specializations
constexpr std::chrono::seconds seconds() const noexcept;
member only of the time_of_day<std::chrono::duration<Rep, Period>> partial specialization
constexpr precision subseconds() const noexcept;

Obtains the components of the stored "broken down" time.

Return value

Let since_midnight be the stored duration:

1) the integral number of hours since_midnight is after 00:00:00.
2) the integral number of minutes since_midnight is after (00:00:00 + hours()).
3) the integral number of seconds since_midnight is after (00:00:00 + hours() + minutes()).
4) the integral number of fractional seconds since_midnight is after (00:00:00 + hours() + minutes() + seconds()).

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