template< class ErrorCodeEnum >
error_code& operator=( ErrorCodeEnum e ) noexcept;
(since C++11)

Replaces the error code and corresponding category with those representing error code enum e.

Equivalent to *this = make_error_code(e), where make_error_code is called unqualified to enable argument-dependent lookup. This overload participates in overload resolution only if std::is_error_code_enum<ErrorCodeEnum>::value is true.


e - error code enum to construct

Return value



Copy-assignment operator is defined implicitly.

The ADL-found make_error_code is intended to be used in the original proposal N2422, and used by all known implementations. However, the standard requires that only std::make_error_code overloads are considered. This is LWG issue 3629.

See also

assigns another error code
(public member function)

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