Defined in header <thread>
class thread::id;
(since C++11)

The class thread::id is a lightweight, trivially copyable class that serves as a unique identifier of std::thread and std::jthread (since C++20) objects.

Instances of this class may also hold the special distinct value that does not represent any thread. Once a thread has finished, the value of std::thread::id may be reused by another thread.

This class is designed for use as key in associative containers, both ordered and unordered.

Member functions

constructs an id that does not represent a thread
(public member function)

Non-member functions

(removed in C++20)(removed in C++20)(removed in C++20)(removed in C++20)(removed in C++20)(C++20)
compares two thread::id objects
serializes a thread::id object
(function template)

Helper classes

hash support for std::thread::id
(class template specialization)
formatting support for thread::id
(class template specialization)

See also

returns the id of the thread
(public member function)
returns the thread id of the current thread

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