/Crystal 0.31

class Benchmark::IPS::Entry

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.new(label : String, action : -> )Source

Instance Method Detail

def action : ->Source

Code to be benchmarked

def action=(action : -> )Source

Code to be benchmarked

def bytes_per_op

def bytes_per_op=(bytes_per_op : Int32)Source

Number of bytes allocated per operation

def bytes_per_op? : Int32?

def calculate_stats(samples)Source

def callSource

def call_for_100msSource

def cycles

def cycles=(cycles : Int32)Source

Number of cycles needed to run for approx 100ms Calculated during the warmup stage

def cycles? : Int32?

def human_compareSource

def human_iteration_timeSource

def human_meanSource

def label : StringSource

Label of the benchmark

def label=(label : String)Source

Label of the benchmark

def mean

def mean=(mean : Float64)Source

Statistical mean from calculation stage

def mean? : Float64?

def ran? : BoolSource

def relative_stddev

def relative_stddev=(relative_stddev : Float64)Source

Relative standard deviation as a percentage

def relative_stddev? : Float64?

def set_cycles(duration, iterations)Source

def size

def size=(size : Int32)Source

Number of 100ms runs during the calculation stage

def size? : Int32?

def slower

def slower=(slower : Float64)Source

Multiple slower than the fastest entry

def slower? : Float64?

def stddev

def stddev=(stddev : Float64)Source

Statistical standard deviation from calculation stage

def stddev? : Float64?

def variance

def variance=(variance : Float64)Source

Statistical variance from calculation stage

def variance? : Float64?

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