Declarations for interfacing with the ODBC library.

Adapted with minimal changes from the work of David L. Davis (refer to the original announcement).

etc.c.odbc.sql is the the main include for ODBC v3.0+ Core functions, corresponding to the sql.h C header file. It imports publicly etc.c.odbc.sqltypes for conformity with the C header.

The ODBC library itself not a part of the dmd distribution (and typically not a part of the distribution packages of other compilers such as gdc and ldc). To use ODBC, install it per the vendor- and platform-specific instructions and then use the appropriate command-line flags (e.g. for dmd, -L-lodbc on Posix and -Lodbc32.lib on Windows) to link with the ODBC library. On Windows, using pragma(lib, "odbc32") in D code at top level is also appropriate.
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public import etc.c.odbc.sqltypes;

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