/Dart 2

setFloat32 method

void setFloat32 (int byteOffset, double value, [ Endian endian = Endian.big ])

Sets the four bytes starting at the specified byteOffset in this object to the IEEE 754 single-precision binary floating-point (binary32) representation of the specified value.

Note that this method can lose precision. The input value is a 64-bit floating point value, which will be converted to 32-bit floating point value by IEEE 754 rounding rules before it is stored. If value cannot be represented exactly as a binary32, it will be converted to the nearest binary32 value. If two binary32 values are equally close, the one whose least significant bit is zero will be used. Note that finite (but large) values can be converted to infinity, and small non-zero values can be converted to zero.

Throws RangeError if byteOffset is negative, or byteOffset + 4 is greater than the length of this object.


void setFloat32(int byteOffset, double value, [Endian endian = Endian.big]);

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