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How to use Django with Uvicorn

Uvicorn is an ASGI server based on uvloop and httptools, with an emphasis on speed.

Installing Uvicorn

You can install Uvicorn with pip:

python -m pip install uvicorn gunicorn

Running Django in Uvicorn

When Uvicorn is installed, a uvicorn command is available which runs ASGI applications. Uvicorn needs to be called with the location of a module containing an ASGI application object, followed by what the application is called (separated by a colon).

For a typical Django project, invoking Uvicorn would look like:

gunicorn myproject.asgi:application -k uvicorn.workers.UvicornWorker

This will start one process listening on It requires that your project be on the Python path; to ensure that run this command from the same directory as your manage.py file.

For more advanced usage, please read the Uvicorn documentation.

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