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docker-compose scale

Note: This command is deprecated. Use the up command with the --scale flag instead. Beware that using up with --scale flag has some subtle differences with the scale command as it incorporates the behaviour of up command.

Usage: scale [options] [SERVICE=NUM...]

  -t, --timeout TIMEOUT      Specify a shutdown timeout in seconds.
                             (default: 10)

Sets the number of containers to run for a service.

Numbers are specified as arguments in the form service=num. For example:

docker-compose scale web=2 worker=3

Tip: Alternatively, in Compose file version 3.x, you can specify replicas under the deploy key as part of a service configuration for Swarm mode. The deploy key and its sub-options (including replicas) only works with the docker stack deploy command, not docker-compose up or docker-compose run.

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