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Create machines on Linode.


You will need a Linode APIv4 Personal Access Token. Get one here: https://developers.linode.com/api/v4#section/Personal-Access-Token. Supply the token to docker-machine create -d linode with --linode-token.


docker-machine is required, see the installation documentation.

Then, install the latest release of the Linode machine driver for your environment from the releases list.


docker-machine create -d linode --linode-token=<linode-token> linode

See the Linode Docker machine driver project page for more examples.

Options, Environment Variables, and Defaults

Argument Env Default Description
linode-token LINODE_TOKEN None required Linode APIv4 Token (see here)
linode-root-pass LINODE_ROOT_PASSWORD generated The Linode Instance root_pass (password assigned to the root account)
linode-authorized-users LINODE_AUTHORIZED_USERS None Linode user accounts (separated by commas) whose Linode SSH keys will be permitted root access to the created node
linode-label LINODE_LABEL generated The Linode Instance label, unless overridden this will match the docker-machine name. This label must be unique on the account.
linode-region LINODE_REGION us-east The Linode Instance region (see here)
linode-instance-type LINODE_INSTANCE_TYPE g6-standard-4 The Linode Instance type (see here)
linode-image LINODE_IMAGE linode/ubuntu18.04 The Linode Instance image which provides the Linux distribution (see here).
linode-ssh-port LINODE_SSH_PORT 22 The port that SSH is running on, needed for Docker Machine to provision the Linode.
linode-ssh-user LINODE_SSH_USER root The user as which docker-machine should log in to the Linode instance to install Docker. This user must have passwordless sudo.
linode-docker-port LINODE_DOCKER_PORT 2376 The TCP port of the Linode that Docker will be listening on
linode-swap-size LINODE_SWAP_SIZE 512 The amount of swap space provisioned on the Linode Instance
linode-stackscript LINODE_STACKSCRIPT None Specifies the Linode StackScript to use to create the instance, either by numeric ID, or using the form username/label.
linode-stackscript-data LINODE_STACKSCRIPT_DATA None A JSON string specifying data that is passed (via UDF) to the selected StackScript.
linode-create-private-ip LINODE_CREATE_PRIVATE_IP None A flag specifying to create private IP for the Linode instance.
linode-tags LINODE_TAGS None A comma separated list of tags to apply to the the Linode resource
linode-ua-prefix LINODE_UA_PREFIX None Prefix the User-Agent in Linode API calls with some ‘product/version’


  • When using the linode/containerlinux linode-image, the linode-ssh-user will default to core
  • A linode-root-pass will be generated if not provided. This password will not be shown. Rely on docker-machine ssh or Linode’s Rescue features to access the node directly.


Detailed run output will be emitted when using the LinodeGo LINODE_DEBUG=1 option along with the docker-machine --debug option.

LINODE_DEBUG=1 docker-machine --debug  create -d linode --linode-token=$LINODE_TOKEN machinename

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