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Create machines on Rackspace cloud


$ docker-machine create --driver rackspace --rackspace-username=user --rackspace-api-key=KEY --rackspace-region=region vm


  • --rackspace-active-timeout: Rackspace active timeout
  • --rackspace-api-key: required Rackspace API key.
  • --rackspace-docker-install: Set if Docker needs to be installed on the machine.
  • --rackspace-endpoint-type: Rackspace endpoint type (adminURL, internalURL or the default publicURL).
  • --rackspace-flavor-id: Rackspace flavor ID. Default: General Purpose 1GB.
  • --rackspace-image-id: Rackspace image ID. Default: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) (PVHVM).
  • --rackspace-region: required Rackspace region name.
  • --rackspace-ssh-port: SSH port for the newly booted machine.
  • --rackspace-ssh-user: SSH user for the newly booted machine.
  • --rackspace-username: required Rackspace account username.

The Rackspace driver uses 821ba5f4-712d-4ec8-9c65-a3fa4bc500f9 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) by default.

Environment variables and default values

CLI option Environment variable Default
--rackspace-active-timeout OS_ACTIVE_TIMEOUT 300
--rackspace-api-key OS_API_KEY -
--rackspace-docker-install - true
--rackspace-endpoint-type OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE publicURL
--rackspace-flavor-id OS_FLAVOR_ID general1-1
--rackspace-image-id OS_IMAGE_ID 821ba5f4-712d-4ec8-9c65-a3fa4bc500f9
--rackspace-region OS_REGION_NAME IAD (Northern Virginia)
--rackspace-ssh-port OS_SSH_PORT 22
--rackspace-ssh-user OS_SSH_USER root
--rackspace-username OS_USERNAME -

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