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VMware vCloud Air

Creates machines on vCloud Air subscription service. You need an account within an existing subscription of vCloud Air VPC or Dedicated Cloud.


$ docker-machine create --driver vmwarevcloudair --vmwarevcloudair-username=user --vmwarevcloudair-password=SECRET vm


  • --vmwarevcloudair-catalog: Catalog.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-catalogitem: Catalog Item.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-computeid: Compute ID (if using Dedicated Cloud).
  • --vmwarevcloudair-cpu-count: VM CPU Count.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-docker-port: Docker port.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-edgegateway: Organization Edge Gateway.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-memory-size: VM Memory Size in MB.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-orgvdcnetwork: Organization VDC Network to attach.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-password: required vCloud Air Password.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-provision: Install Docker binaries.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-publicip: Org Public IP to use.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-ssh-port: SSH port.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-username: required vCloud Air Username.
  • --vmwarevcloudair-vdcid: Virtual Data Center ID.

The VMware vCloud Air driver uses the Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS (amd64 20140927) image by default.

Environment variables and default values

CLI option Environment variable Default
--vmwarevcloudair-catalog VCLOUDAIR_CATALOG Public Catalog
--vmwarevcloudair-catalogitem VCLOUDAIR_CATALOGITEM Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS (amd64 20140927)
--vmwarevcloudair-computeid VCLOUDAIR_COMPUTEID -
--vmwarevcloudair-cpu-count VCLOUDAIR_CPU_COUNT 1
--vmwarevcloudair-docker-port VCLOUDAIR_DOCKER_PORT 2376
--vmwarevcloudair-edgegateway VCLOUDAIR_EDGEGATEWAY <vdcid>
--vmwarevcloudair-memory-size VCLOUDAIR_MEMORY_SIZE 2048
--vmwarevcloudair-orgvdcnetwork VCLOUDAIR_ORGVDCNETWORK <vdcid>-default-routed
--vmwarevcloudair-password VCLOUDAIR_PASSWORD -
--vmwarevcloudair-provision VCLOUDAIR_PROVISION true
--vmwarevcloudair-publicip VCLOUDAIR_PUBLICIP -
--vmwarevcloudair-ssh-port VCLOUDAIR_SSH_PORT 22
--vmwarevcloudair-username VCLOUDAIR_USERNAME -
--vmwarevcloudair-vdcid VCLOUDAIR_VDCID -

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