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docker-machine inspect

Usage: docker-machine inspect [OPTIONS] [arg...]

Inspect information about a machine

   Argument is a machine name.

   --format, -f 	Format the output using the given go template.

By default, this renders information about a machine as JSON. If a format is specified, the given template is executed for each result.

Go’s text/template package describes all the details of the format.

In addition to the text/template syntax, there are some additional functions, json and prettyjson, which can be used to format the output as JSON (documented below).


List all the details of a machine:

This is the default usage of inspect.

$ docker-machine inspect dev

    "DriverName": "virtualbox",
    "Driver": {
        "MachineName": "docker-host-128be8d287b2028316c0ad5714b90bcfc11f998056f2f790f7c1f43f3d1e6eda",
        "SSHPort": 55834,
        "Memory": 1024,
        "DiskSize": 20000,
        "Boot2DockerURL": "",
        "IPAddress": ""

Get a machine’s IP address:

For the most part, you can pick out any field from the JSON in a fairly straightforward manner.

$ docker-machine inspect --format='{{.Driver.IPAddress}}' dev

Formatting details:

If you want a subset of information formatted as JSON, you can use the json function in the template.

$ docker-machine inspect --format='' dev-fusion

While this is usable, it’s not very human-readable. For this reason, there is prettyjson:

$ docker-machine inspect --format='{{prettyjson .Driver}}' dev-fusion
  "Boot2DockerURL": "",
  "CPUS": 8,
  "CPUs": 8,
  "CaCertPath": "/Users/hairyhenderson/.docker/machine/certs/ca.pem",
  "DiskSize": 20000,
  "IPAddress": "",
  "ISO": "/Users/hairyhenderson/.docker/machine/machines/dev-fusion/boot2docker-1.5.0-GH747.iso",
  "MachineName": "dev-fusion",
  "Memory": 1024,
  "PrivateKeyPath": "/Users/hairyhenderson/.docker/machine/certs/ca-key.pem",
  "SSHPort": 22,
  "SSHUser": "docker",
  "SwarmDiscovery": "",
  "SwarmHost": "tcp://",
  "SwarmMaster": false

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