Defined by dojo/data/util/filter

Helper function to convert a simple pattern to a regular expression for matching.

Returns a regular expression object that conforms to the defined conversion rules. For example:

  • ca -> /^ca.$/
  • ca -> /^.ca.$/
  • c\a -> /^.c*a.*$/
  • c\a? -> /^.c*a..*$/

and so on.

Parameter Type Description
pattern string

A simple matching pattern to convert that follows basic rules:

    • Means match anything, so ca* means match anything starting with ca
  • ? Means match single character. So, b?b will match to bob and bab, and so on.
  • \ is an escape character. So for example, * means do not treat as a match, but literal character .

To use a \ as a character in the string, it must be escaped. So in the pattern it should be represented by \ to be treated as an ordinary \ character instead of an escape.

ignoreCase boolean

An optional flag to indicate if the pattern matching should be treated as case-sensitive or not when comparing By default, it is assumed case sensitive.

Returns: instance

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