This module defines the core dojo DOM API.

See the dojo/dom reference documentation for more information.



Defined by dojo/dom

Returns DOM node with matching id attribute or falsy value (ex: null or undefined) if not found. If id is a DomNode, this function is a no-op.

Parameter Type Description
id String | DOMNode

A string to match an HTML id attribute or a reference to a DOM Node

doc Document

Document to work in. Defaults to the current value of dojo/_base/window.doc. Can be used to retrieve node references from other documents.

Returns: instance


Example 1

Look up a node by ID:

require(["dojo/dom"], function(dom){
    var n = dom.byId("foo");

Example 2

Check if a node exists, and use it.

require(["dojo/dom"], function(dom){
    var n = dom.byId("bar");
    if(n){ doStuff() ... }

Example 3

Allow string or DomNode references to be passed to a custom function:

require(["dojo/dom"], function(dom){
    var foo = function(nodeOrId){
        nodeOrId = dom.byId(nodeOrId);
        // ... more stuff


Defined by dojo/dom

Returns true if node is a descendant of ancestor

Parameter Type Description
node DOMNode | String

string id or node reference to test

ancestor DOMNode | String

string id or node reference of potential parent to test against

Returns: boolean


Example 1

Test is node id="bar" is a descendant of node id="foo"

require(["dojo/dom"], function(dom){
    if(dom.isDescendant("bar", "foo")){ ... }


Defined by dojo/dom

Parameter Type Description
node undefined
selectable undefined

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