Deprecated, use dojo/request/iframe instead. Sends an Ajax I/O call using and Iframe (for instance, to upload files)

See the dojo/io/iframe reference documentation for more information.



Defined by dojo/io/iframe

Creates a hidden iframe in the page. Used mostly for IO transports. You do not need to call this to start a dojo/io/iframe request. Just call send().

Parameter Type Description
fname String

The name of the iframe. Used for the name attribute on the iframe.

onloadstr String

A string of JavaScript that will be executed when the content in the iframe loads.

uri String

The value of the src attribute on the iframe element. If a value is not given, then dojo/resources/blank.html will be used.


Defined by dojo/io/iframe

Returns the document object associated with the iframe DOM Node argument.

Parameter Type Description
iframeNode undefined


Defined by dojo/io/iframe

Sets the URL that is loaded in an IFrame. The replace parameter indicates whether location.replace() should be used when changing the location of the iframe.

Parameter Type Description
iframe undefined
src undefined
replace undefined

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