Note: This is not a real constructor, but just a description of the type of object that should be passed as a parameter to some method(s), and/or the return value from some method(s). In other words, the type exists only for documentation purposes, and you cannot call new main.__IoCallbackArgs()



Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

the original object argument to the IO call.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

For dojo/io/script calls only, indicates whether the script tag that represents the request can be deleted after callbacks have been called. Used internally to know when cleanup can happen on JSONP-type requests.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

The final indicator on how the response will be handled.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

For dojo/io/script calls only, the internal script ID used for the request.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

For dojo/io/script calls only: holds the JSON response for JSONP-type requests. Used internally to hold on to the JSON responses. You should not need to access it directly -- the same object should be passed to the success callbacks directly.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

For non-GET requests, the name1=value1&name2=value2 parameters sent up in the request.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

The final URL used for the call. Many times it will be different than the original args.url value.


Defined by: dojo/_base/xhr

For XMLHttpRequest calls only, the XMLHttpRequest object that was used for the request.

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