Note: This is not a real constructor, but just a description of the type of object that should be passed as a parameter to some method(s), and/or the return value from some method(s). In other words, the type exists only for documentation purposes, and you cannot call new number.__RegexpOptions()



Defined by: dojo/number

override the locale used to determine formatting rules


Defined by: dojo/number

override formatting pattern with this string. Default value is based on locale. Overriding this property will defeat localization.


Defined by: dojo/number

number of decimal places to accept: Infinity, a positive number, or a range "n,m". Defined by pattern or Infinity if pattern not provided.


Defined by: dojo/number

strict parsing, false by default. Strict parsing requires input as produced by the format() method. Non-strict is more permissive, e.g. flexible on white space, omitting thousands separators


Defined by: dojo/number

choose a format type based on the locale from the following: decimal, scientific (not yet supported), percent, currency. decimal by default.

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