Note: This is not a real constructor, but just a description of the type of object that should be passed as a parameter to some method(s), and/or the return value from some method(s). In other words, the type exists only for documentation purposes, and you cannot call new script.__BaseOptions()

See the dojo/request/script.__BaseOptions reference documentation for more information.



Defined by: dojo/request/script

A string of JavaScript that when evaluated like so: "typeof(" + checkString + ") != 'undefined'" being true means that the script fetched has been loaded. Do not use this if doing a JSONP type of call (use jsonp instead).


Defined by: dojo/request

Data to transfer. This is ignored for GET and DELETE requests.


Defined by: dojo/request/script

The Document object of a child iframe. If this is passed in, the script will be attached to that document. This can be helpful in some comet long-polling scenarios with Firefox and Opera.


Defined by: dojo/request

How to handle the response from the server. Default is 'text'. Other values are 'json', 'javascript', and 'xml'.


Defined by: dojo/request/script

The URL parameter name that indicates the JSONP callback string. For instance, when using Yahoo JSONP calls it is normally, jsonp: "callback". For AOL JSONP calls it is normally jsonp: "c".


Defined by: dojo/request

Whether to append a cache-busting parameter to the URL.


Defined by: dojo/request

Query parameters to append to the URL.


Defined by: dojo/request

Milliseconds to wait for the response. If this time passes, the then the promise is rejected.

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