The AudioContextOptions dictionary (used when instantiating an AudioContext) may contain a property named latencyHint, which indicates the preferred maximum latency in seconds for the audio context. The value is specified either as a member of the string enum AudioContextLatencyCategory or a double-precision value.


audioContextOptions.latencyHint = "interactive";
audioContextOptions.latencyHint = 0.2;

var latencyHint = audioContextOptions.latencyHint;


The preferred maximum latency for the AudioContext. There are two ways this value can be specified.

The best way to specify the preferred latency is to use a value form the string enum AudioContextLatencyCategory. In fact, the default value of latencyHint is "interactive" (meaning the browser should try to use the lowest possible and reliable latency it can).

The value can also be specified as a double-precision floating-point value, specifying the preferred maximum latency in seconds. This provides more precise control over the balance between audio latency and device energy usage.

To determine the actual latency of the context after creating it, check the value of the context's baseLatency property.


Specification Status Comment
Web Audio API
The definition of 'AudioContextOptions.latencyHint' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 60 ? 61 No ? ?
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