The read-only AudioTrack property label returns a string specifying the audio track's human-readable label, if one is available; otherwise, it returns an empty string.


var audioTrackLabel = AudioTrack.label;


A DOMString specifying the track's human-readable label, if one is available in the track metadata. Otherwise, an empty string ("") is returned.

For example, a track whose kind is "commentary" might have a label such as "Commentary with director Mark Markmarkimark and star Donna Donnalidon".


This example returns an array of track kinds and labels for potential use in a user interface to select audio tracks for a specified media element. The list is filtered to only allow certain track kinds through.

function getTrackList(el) {
  var trackList = [];
  const wantedKinds = [
    "main", "alternative", "main-desc", "translation", "commentary"

  el.audioTracks.forEach(function(track) {
    if (wantedKinds.includes(track.kind)) {
        id: track.id,
        kind: track.kind,
        label: track.label
  return trackList;

The resulting trackList contains an array of audio tracks whose kind is one of those in the array wantedKinds, with each entry providing the track's id, kind, and label.


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