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The CrashReportBody interface of the Reporting API represents the body of a crash report (the return value of its Report.body property).

A crash report is generated when a document becomes unusable due to the browser (or one of its processes) crashing. For security reasons, no details of the crash are communicated in the body except for a general crash reason.

ReportBody CrashReportBody



A string representing the reason for the crash. Current possible reasons are:

  • oom: The browser ran out of memory.
  • unresponsive: The page was killed due to being unresponsive.


Crash reports are generally only retrievable via endpoints set up using the Report-To header. It is difficult to retrieve a crash report via a ReportingObserver, as by that point the page would have crashed!

Some sample JSON might look like this:

  "type": "crash",
  "age": 42,
  "url": "https://example.com/",
  "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0",
  "body": {
    "reason": "oom"

Note: Crash reports are always delivered to the endpoint group named default; there is currently no way to override this. If you want to receive other kinds of reports, but not crash reports, make sure to use a different name for the endpoint group that you choose for those reports.


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