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NDEFRecord: NDEFRecord() constructor

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

The NDEFRecord() constructor of the Web NFC API returns a newly constructed NDEFRecord object that represents data that can be read from, or written to, compatible NFC devices; e.g. NFC tags supporting NDEF.


new NDEFRecord(options)



An object with the following properties:

data Optional

Contains the data to be transmitted. It can be a string object or literal, an ArrayBuffer, a TypedArray, a DataView, or an array of nested records.

encoding Optional

A string specifying the record's encoding.

id Optional

A developer-defined identifier for the record.

lang Optional

A valid language tag according to RFC 5646: Tags for Identifying Languages (also known as BCP 47).

mediaType Optional

A valid MIME type.


A string indicating the type of data stored in data. It must be one of the following values:


An absolute URL to the data.


An empty NDEFRecord.


A valid MIME type.


A smart poster as defined by the NDEF-SMARTPOSTER specification.


Text as defined by the NDEF-TEXT specification.


The record type is not known.


A URL as defined by the NDEF-URI specification.

Return value

A new NDEFRecord.


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
NDEFRecord No No No No No No 89 89 No 63 No 15.0

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