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The PeriodicWave interface defines a periodic waveform that can be used to shape the output of an OscillatorNode.

PeriodicWave has no inputs or outputs; it is used to define custom oscillators when calling OscillatorNode.setPeriodicWave(). The PeriodicWave itself is created/returned by BaseAudioContext.createPeriodicWave.



Creates a new PeriodicWave object instance using the default values for all properties. If you wish to establish custom property values at the outset, use the BaseAudioContext.createPeriodicWave factory method instead.

Instance properties

None; also, PeriodicWave doesn't inherit any properties.

Instance methods

None; also, PeriodicWave doesn't inherit any methods.


See BaseAudioContext.createPeriodicWave for simple example code that shows how to create a PeriodicWave object containing a simple sine wave.


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
PeriodicWave 55 79 53 No 42 14.1 55 55 53 42 14.5 6.0
PeriodicWave 30 12 25 No 17 8 ≤37 30 26 18 8 2.0

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