The RTCRtpStreamStats dictionary's ssrc property is an integer which uniquely identifies the source of the RTP packets whose statistics are covered by the RTCStatsReport that includes this RTCRtpStreamStats dictionary.


var ssrc = RTCRtpStreamStats.ssrc;


A 32-bit integer uniquely identifying the source of the RTP packets whose statistics are covered by the RTCStatsReport object of which this RTCRtpStreamStats object is a component.

The manner in which these values are generated is not mandated by the specification, although it does make recommendations. You should not make any assumptions based on the value of ssrc other than that any two objects with the same ssrc value refer to the same source. See RFC 3550, section 8 for additional information about ssrc.

Note: The specification includes an example that generates values for ssrc using MD5. While not part of the standard, exactly, it is a good mechanism that may be used by some browsers. Do not rely upon these values meaning anything other than "these objects are associated with the same source."


Specification Status Comment
Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API
The definition of 'RTCRtpStreamStats.ssrc' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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