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The XRHand interface is pair iterator (an ordered map) with the key being the hand joints and the value being an XRJointSpace.

XRHand is returned by XRInputSource.hand.


size Read only

Returns 25, the size of the pair iterator.


The XRhand object is a pair iterator. It can directly be used in a for...of structure. for (let joint of myHand) is equivalent to for (let joint of myHand.entries()). However, it's not a map-like object, so you don't have the clear(), delete(), has(), and set() methods.


Returns an iterator with the hand joints/XRJointSpace pairs for each element. See Map.prototype.entries() for more details.


Runs a provided function once per each hand joint/XRJointSpace pair. See Map.prototype.forEach() for more details.


Returns a XRJointSpace for a given hand joint or undefined if no such hand joint key is in the map. See Map.prototype.get() for more details.


Returns an iterator with all the hand joint keys. See Map.prototype.keys() for more details.


Returns an iterator with all the XRJointSpace values. See Map.prototype.values() for more details.

Hand joints

The XRHand object contains the following hand joints:


Hand joint Index
wrist 0
thumb-metacarpal 1
thumb-phalanx-proximal 2
thumb-phalanx-distal 3
thumb-tip 4
index-finger-metacarpal 5
index-finger-phalanx-proximal 6
index-finger-phalanx-intermediate 7
index-finger-phalanx-distal 8
index-finger-tip 9
middle-finger-metacarpal 10
middle-finger-phalanx-proximal 11
middle-finger-phalanx-intermediate 12
middle-finger-phalanx-distal 13
middle-finger-tip 14
ring-finger-metacarpal 15
ring-finger-phalanx-proximal 16
ring-finger-phalanx-intermediate 17
ring-finger-phalanx-distal 18
ring-finger-tip 19
pinky-finger-metacarpal 20
pinky-finger-phalanx-proximal 21
pinky-finger-phalanx-intermediate 22
pinky-finger-phalanx-distal 23
pinky-finger-tip 24


Using XRHand objects

let wristJoint = inputSource.hand.get("wrist");
let indexFingerTipJoint = inputSource.hand.get("index-finger-tip");

for (let [joint, jointSpace] of inputSource.hand) {


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