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XRProjectionLayer: ignoreDepthValues property

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

The read-only ignoreDepthValues property of the XRProjectionLayer interface is a boolean indicating if the XR compositor is not making use of depth buffer values when rendering the layer.


A boolean. true indicates the XR compositor doesn't make use of depth buffer values; false indicates the content of the depth buffer will be used when rendering the layer.


Ignoring depth values

If the depthFormat option is 0 when creating a projection layer, the ignoreDepthValues property will be true. See also XRWebGLBinding.createProjectionLayer().

let glProjectionLayer = xrGLBinding.createProjectionLayer({
  depthFormat: 0

glProjectionLayer.ignoreDepthValues; // true


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
ignoreDepthValues No No No No No No No No No No No No

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