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function _drupal_rewrite_settings_dump_one

_drupal_rewrite_settings_dump_one(\stdClass $variable, $prefix = '', $suffix = '')

Helper for drupal_rewrite_settings().

Dump the value of a value property and adds the comment if it exists.


object $variable: A stdClass object with at least a value property.

string $prefix: A string to prepend to the variable's value.

string $suffix: A string to append to the variable's value.

Return value

string A string containing valid PHP code of the variable suitable for placing into settings.php.


core/includes/install.inc, line 469
API functions for installing modules and themes.


function _drupal_rewrite_settings_dump_one(\stdClass $variable, $prefix = '', $suffix = '') {
  $return = $prefix . var_export($variable->value, TRUE) . ';';
  if (!empty($variable->comment)) {
    $return .= ' // ' . $variable->comment;
  $return .= $suffix;
  return $return;

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