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class PhpArrayDumper

PhpArrayDumper dumps a service container as a PHP array.

The format of this dumper is a human-readable serialized PHP array, which is very similar to the YAML based format, but based on PHP arrays instead of YAML strings.

It is human-readable, for a machine-optimized version based on this one see \Drupal\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\OptimizedPhpArrayDumper.


  • class \Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\Dumper implements \Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\DumperInterface

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core/lib/Drupal/Component/DependencyInjection/Dumper/PhpArrayDumper.php, line 19




Name Modifiers Type Description
Dumper::$container protected property
Dumper::__construct public function Constructor.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::$serialize protected property Whether to serialize service definitions or not.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::dump public function
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::dumpCallable protected function Dumps callable to a PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::dumpMethodCalls protected function Dumps method calls to a PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::dumpValue protected function Dumps the value to PHP array format.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::escape protected function Escapes parameters.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getAliases protected function Gets the aliases as a PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getParameters protected function Gets parameters of the container as a PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getPrivateServiceCall protected function Gets a private service definition in a suitable format.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getReferenceCall protected function Gets a service reference for a reference in a suitable PHP array format.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getServiceDefinition protected function Gets a service definition as PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getServiceDefinitions protected function Gets services of the container as a PHP array.
OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::prepareParameters protected function Prepares parameters for the PHP array dumping.
PhpArrayDumper::dumpCollection protected function Dumps a collection to a PHP array. Overrides OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::dumpCollection
PhpArrayDumper::getArray public function Gets the service container definition as a PHP array. Overrides OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getArray
PhpArrayDumper::getParameterCall protected function Gets a parameter reference in a suitable PHP array format. Overrides OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getParameterCall
PhpArrayDumper::getServiceCall protected function Gets a service reference for an ID in a suitable PHP array format. Overrides OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::getServiceCall
PhpArrayDumper::supportsMachineFormat protected function Whether this supports the machine-optimized format or not. Overrides OptimizedPhpArrayDumper::supportsMachineFormat

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