/Drupal 8

class YamlDirectoryDiscovery

Discovers multiple YAML files in a set of directories.



core/lib/Drupal/Component/Discovery/YamlDirectoryDiscovery.php, line 13




Name Modifiers Type Description
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::$directories protected property An array of directories to scan, keyed by the provider.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::$fileCacheKeySuffix protected property The suffix for the file cache key.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::$idKey protected property The key contained in the discovered data that identifies it.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::FILE_KEY constant Defines the key in the discovered data where the file path is stored.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::findAll public function Returns an array of discoverable items. Overrides DiscoverableInterface::findAll
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::findFiles protected function Returns an array of providers keyed by file path.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::getDirectoryIterator protected function Gets an iterator to loop over the files in the provided directory.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::getIdentifier protected function Gets the identifier from the data.
YamlDirectoryDiscovery::__construct public function Constructs a YamlDirectoryDiscovery object.

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