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interface PhpStorageInterface

Stores and loads PHP code.

Each interface function takes $name as a parameter. This is a virtual file name: for example, 'foo.php' or 'some/relative/path/to/foo.php'. The storage implementation may store these as files within the local file system, use a remote stream, combine multiple virtual files into an archive, store them in database records, or use some other storage technique.



core/lib/Drupal/Component/PhpStorage/PhpStorageInterface.php, line 14




Name Modifiers Type Description
PhpStorageInterface::delete public function Deletes PHP code from storage.
PhpStorageInterface::deleteAll public function Removes all files in this bin.
PhpStorageInterface::exists public function Checks whether the PHP code exists in storage.
PhpStorageInterface::garbageCollection public function Performs garbage collection on the storage.
PhpStorageInterface::getFullPath public function Gets the full file path.
PhpStorageInterface::listAll public function Lists all the files in the storage.
PhpStorageInterface::load public function Loads PHP code from storage.
PhpStorageInterface::save public function Saves PHP code to storage.
PhpStorageInterface::writeable public function Whether this is a writeable storage.

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