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class QueueWorker

Declare a worker class for processing a queue item.

Worker plugins are used by some queues for processing the individual items in the queue. In that case, the ID of the worker plugin needs to match the machine name of a queue, so that you can retrieve the queue back end by calling \Drupal\Core\Queue\QueueFactory::get($plugin_id).

\Drupal\Core\Cron::processQueues() processes queues that use workers; they can also be processed outside of the cron process.

Some queues do not use worker plugins: you can create queues, add items to them, claim them, etc. without using a QueueWorker plugin. However, you will need to take care of processing the items in the queue in that case. You can look at \Drupal\Core\Cron::processQueues() for an example of how to process a queue that uses workers, and adapt it to your queue.

Plugin Namespace: Plugin\QueueWorker

For a working example, see \Drupal\aggregator\Plugin\QueueWorker\AggregatorRefresh.


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Plugin API

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Annotations for class discovery and metadata description.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Annotation/QueueWorker.php, line 36




Name Modifiers Type Description
Plugin::$definition protected property The plugin definition read from the class annotation.
Plugin::get public function Gets the value of an annotation. Overrides AnnotationInterface::get
Plugin::getClass public function Gets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getClass
Plugin::getId public function Gets the unique ID for this annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getId
Plugin::getProvider public function Gets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getProvider
Plugin::parse protected function Parses an annotation into its definition.
Plugin::setClass public function Sets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setClass
Plugin::setProvider public function Sets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setProvider
Plugin::__construct public function Constructs a Plugin object.
QueueWorker::$cron public property An associative array containing the optional key:
QueueWorker::$id public property The plugin ID.
QueueWorker::$title public property The human-readable title of the plugin.

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