/Drupal 8

class ConfigCollectionInfo

Gets information on all the possible configuration collections.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/ConfigCollectionInfo.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
ConfigCollectionInfo::$collections protected property Configuration collection information keyed by collection name.
ConfigCollectionInfo::addCollection public function Adds a collection to the list of possible collections.
ConfigCollectionInfo::getCollectionNames public function Gets the list of possible collection names.
ConfigCollectionInfo::getOverrideService public function Gets the config factory override service responsible for the collection.
Event::$dispatcher private property
Event::$name private property
Event::$propagationStopped private property
Event::getDispatcher Deprecated public function Returns the EventDispatcher that dispatches this Event.
Event::getName Deprecated public function Gets the event's name.
Event::isPropagationStopped public function Returns whether further event listeners should be triggered.
Event::setDispatcher Deprecated public function Stores the EventDispatcher that dispatches this Event.
Event::setName Deprecated public function Sets the event's name property.
Event::stopPropagation public function Stops the propagation of the event to further event listeners.

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