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class FileStorage

Defines the file storage.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/FileStorage.php, line 11




Name Modifiers Type Description
FileStorage::$collection protected property The storage collection.
FileStorage::$directory protected property The filesystem path for configuration objects.
FileStorage::createCollection public function Creates a collection on the storage. Overrides StorageInterface::createCollection
FileStorage::decode public function Decodes configuration data from the storage-specific format. Overrides StorageInterface::decode
FileStorage::delete public function Deletes a configuration object from the storage. Overrides StorageInterface::delete
FileStorage::deleteAll public function Deletes configuration objects whose names start with a given prefix. Overrides StorageInterface::deleteAll
FileStorage::encode public function Encodes configuration data into the storage-specific format. Overrides StorageInterface::encode
FileStorage::ensureStorage protected function Check if the directory exists and create it if not.
FileStorage::exists public function Returns whether a configuration object exists. Overrides StorageInterface::exists
FileStorage::getAllCollectionNames public function Gets the existing collections. Overrides StorageInterface::getAllCollectionNames
FileStorage::getAllCollectionNamesHelper protected function Helper function for getAllCollectionNames().
FileStorage::getCollectionDirectory protected function Gets the directory for the collection.
FileStorage::getCollectionName public function Gets the name of the current collection the storage is using. Overrides StorageInterface::getCollectionName
FileStorage::getFileExtension public static function Returns the file extension used by the file storage for all configuration files.
FileStorage::getFilePath public function Returns the path to the configuration file.
FileStorage::listAll public function Gets configuration object names starting with a given prefix. Overrides StorageInterface::listAll
FileStorage::read public function Implements Drupal\Core\Config\StorageInterface::read(). Overrides StorageInterface::read
FileStorage::readMultiple public function Reads configuration data from the storage. Overrides StorageInterface::readMultiple
FileStorage::rename public function Renames a configuration object in the storage. Overrides StorageInterface::rename
FileStorage::write public function Writes configuration data to the storage. Overrides StorageInterface::write
FileStorage::__construct public function Constructs a new FileStorage.
StorageInterface::DEFAULT_COLLECTION constant The default collection name.

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