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public function InstallStorage::getFilePath

public InstallStorage::getFilePath($name)

Overrides Drupal\Core\Config\FileStorage::getFilePath().

Returns the path to the configuration file.

Determines the owner and path to the default configuration file of a requested config object name located in the installation profile, a module, or a theme (in this order).

@todo Improve this when figuring out how we want to handle configuration in installation profiles. For instance, a config object actually has to be searched in the profile first (whereas the profile is never the owner); only afterwards check for a corresponding module or theme.

Return value

string The path to the configuration file.

Overrides FileStorage::getFilePath


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/InstallStorage.php, line 82


Storage used by the Drupal installer.




public function getFilePath($name) {
  $folders = $this->getAllFolders();
  if (isset($folders[$name])) {
    return $folders[$name] . '/' . $name . '.' . $this->getFileExtension();
  // If any code in the early installer requests a configuration object that
  // does not exist anywhere as default config, then that must be mistake.
  throw new StorageException("Missing configuration file: $name");

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