/Drupal 8

class Container

Extends the Drupal container to set the service ID on the created object.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/DependencyInjection/Container.php, line 11




Name Modifiers Type Description
Container::$aliases protected property The aliases of the container.
Container::$frozen protected property Whether the container parameters can still be changed.
Container::$loading protected property The currently loading services.
Container::$parameters protected property The parameters of the container.
Container::$privateServices protected property The instantiated private services.
Container::$serviceDefinitions protected property The service definitions of the container.
Container::$services protected property The instantiated services.
Container::addScope public function
Container::createService protected function Creates a service from a service definition.
Container::enterScope public function
Container::get public function
Container::getAlternatives protected function Provides alternatives for a given array and key.
Container::getParameter public function
Container::getParameterAlternatives protected function Provides alternatives in case a parameter was not found.
Container::getServiceAlternatives protected function Provides alternatives in case a service was not found.
Container::getServiceIds public function Gets all defined service IDs.
Container::has public function
Container::hasParameter public function
Container::hasScope public function
Container::initialized public function Check for whether or not a service has been initialized. Overrides IntrospectableContainerInterface::initialized
Container::isScopeActive public function
Container::leaveScope public function
Container::reset public function Resets shared services from the container. Overrides ResettableContainerInterface::reset
Container::resolveServicesAndParameters protected function Resolves arguments that represent services or variables to the real values.
Container::set public function Overrides Container::set
Container::setParameter public function
Container::__clone private function Ensure that cloning doesn't work.
Container::__construct public function Constructs a new Container instance.
Container::__sleep public function

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