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class DrupalKernel

The DrupalKernel class is the core of Drupal itself.

This class is responsible for building the Dependency Injection Container and also deals with the registration of service providers. It allows registered service providers to add their services to the container. Core provides the CoreServiceProvider, which, in addition to registering any core services that cannot be registered in the core.services.yaml file, adds any compiler passes needed by core, e.g. for processing tagged services. Each module can add its own service provider, i.e. a class implementing Drupal\Core\DependencyInjection\ServiceProvider, to register services to the container, or modify existing services.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/DrupalKernel.php, line 46




Name Modifiers Type Description
DrupalKernel::$allowDumping protected property Whether the container can be dumped.
DrupalKernel::$booted protected property Whether the kernel has been booted.
DrupalKernel::$bootstrapContainer protected property Holds the bootstrap container.
DrupalKernel::$bootstrapContainerClass protected property Holds the class used for instantiating the bootstrap container.
DrupalKernel::$classLoader protected property The class loader object.
DrupalKernel::$configStorage protected property Config storage object used for reading enabled modules configuration.
DrupalKernel::$container protected property Holds the container instance.
DrupalKernel::$containerNeedsDumping protected property Whether the container needs to be dumped once booting is complete.
DrupalKernel::$containerNeedsRebuild protected property Whether the container needs to be rebuilt the next time it is initialized.
DrupalKernel::$defaultBootstrapContainerDefinition protected property Holds the default bootstrap container definition.
DrupalKernel::$environment protected property The environment, e.g. 'testing', 'install'.
DrupalKernel::$isEnvironmentInitialized protected static property Whether the PHP environment has been initialized.
DrupalKernel::$moduleData protected property List of available modules and installation profiles.
DrupalKernel::$moduleList protected property Holds the list of enabled modules.
DrupalKernel::$phpArrayDumperClass protected property Holds the class used for dumping the container to a PHP array.
DrupalKernel::$prepared protected property Whether essential services have been set up properly by preHandle().
DrupalKernel::$root protected property The app root.
DrupalKernel::$serviceProviderClasses protected property List of discovered service provider class names or objects.
DrupalKernel::$serviceProviders protected property List of instantiated service provider classes.
DrupalKernel::$serviceYamls protected property List of discovered services.yml pathnames.
DrupalKernel::$sitePath protected property The site directory.
DrupalKernel::addServiceFiles protected function Add service files.
DrupalKernel::attachSynthetic protected function Attach synthetic values on to kernel.
DrupalKernel::boot public function Boots the current kernel. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::boot
DrupalKernel::bootEnvironment public static function Setup a consistent PHP environment.
DrupalKernel::cacheDrupalContainer protected function Stores the container definition in a cache.
DrupalKernel::classLoaderAddMultiplePsr4 protected function Registers a list of namespaces with PSR-4 directories for class loading.
DrupalKernel::compileContainer protected function Compiles a new service container.
DrupalKernel::createFromRequest public static function Create a DrupalKernel object from a request.
DrupalKernel::discoverServiceProviders public function Discovers available serviceProviders. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::discoverServiceProviders
DrupalKernel::findSitePath public static function Returns the appropriate site directory for a request.
DrupalKernel::getAppRoot public function Gets the app root. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getAppRoot
DrupalKernel::getCachedContainerDefinition public function Returns the cached container definition - if any. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getCachedContainerDefinition
DrupalKernel::getConfigStorage protected function Returns the active configuration storage to use during building the container.
DrupalKernel::getContainer public function Gets the current container. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getContainer
DrupalKernel::getContainerBuilder protected function Gets a new ContainerBuilder instance used to build the service container.
DrupalKernel::getContainerCacheKey protected function Returns the container cache key based on the environment.
DrupalKernel::getHttpKernel protected function Gets a http kernel from the container
DrupalKernel::getKernelParameters protected function Returns the kernel parameters.
DrupalKernel::getModuleFileNames protected function Gets the file name for each enabled module.
DrupalKernel::getModuleNamespacesPsr4 protected function Gets the PSR-4 base directories for module namespaces.
DrupalKernel::getModulesParameter protected function Returns an array of Extension class parameters for all enabled modules.
DrupalKernel::getServiceProviders public function Returns all registered service providers. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getServiceProviders
DrupalKernel::getServicesToPersist protected function Returns service instances to persist from an old container to a new one.
DrupalKernel::getSitePath public function Get the site path. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::getSitePath
DrupalKernel::handle public function Handles a Request to convert it to a Response. Overrides HttpKernelInterface::handle
DrupalKernel::handleException protected function Converts an exception into a response.
DrupalKernel::initializeContainer protected function Initializes the service container.
DrupalKernel::initializeRequestGlobals protected function Bootstraps the legacy global request variables.
DrupalKernel::initializeServiceProviders protected function Registers all service providers to the kernel.
DrupalKernel::initializeSettings protected function Locate site path and initialize settings singleton.
DrupalKernel::invalidateContainer public function Invalidate the service container for the next request. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::invalidateContainer
DrupalKernel::loadLegacyIncludes public function Helper method that loads legacy Drupal include files. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::loadLegacyIncludes
DrupalKernel::moduleData protected function Returns module data on the filesystem.
DrupalKernel::persistServices protected function Moves persistent service instances into a new container.
DrupalKernel::preHandle public function Helper method that does request related initialization. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::preHandle
DrupalKernel::prepareLegacyRequest public function Prepare the kernel for handling a request without handling the request. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::prepareLegacyRequest
DrupalKernel::rebuildContainer public function Force a container rebuild. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::rebuildContainer
DrupalKernel::setContainer public function Sets the container. Overrides ContainerAwareInterface::setContainer
DrupalKernel::setSitePath public function Set the current site path. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::setSitePath
DrupalKernel::setupTrustedHosts protected static function Sets up the lists of trusted HTTP Host headers.
DrupalKernel::shutdown public function Shuts down the kernel. Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::shutdown
DrupalKernel::terminate public function Terminates a request/response cycle. Overrides TerminableInterface::terminate
DrupalKernel::updateModules public function Implements Drupal\Core\DrupalKernelInterface::updateModules(). Overrides DrupalKernelInterface::updateModules
DrupalKernel::validateHostname public static function Validates the hostname supplied from the HTTP request.
DrupalKernel::validateHostnameLength protected static function Validates a hostname length.
DrupalKernel::__construct public function Constructs a DrupalKernel object.
HttpKernelInterface::MASTER_REQUEST constant
HttpKernelInterface::SUB_REQUEST constant

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