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class EntityTypeEvent

Defines a base class for all entity type events.


  • class \Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Event
    • class \Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\GenericEvent implements \ArrayAccess, \IteratorAggregate


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityTypeEvent.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
EntityTypeEvent::$entityType protected property The entity type.
EntityTypeEvent::$original protected property The original entity type.
EntityTypeEvent::getEntityType public function The entity type the event refers to.
EntityTypeEvent::getOriginal public function The original entity type.
EntityTypeEvent::__construct public function Constructs a new EntityTypeEvent. Overrides GenericEvent::__construct
Event::$dispatcher private property
Event::$name private property
Event::$propagationStopped private property
Event::getDispatcher Deprecated public function Returns the EventDispatcher that dispatches this Event.
Event::getName Deprecated public function Gets the event's name.
Event::isPropagationStopped public function Returns whether further event listeners should be triggered.
Event::setDispatcher Deprecated public function Stores the EventDispatcher that dispatches this Event.
Event::setName Deprecated public function Sets the event's name property.
Event::stopPropagation public function Stops the propagation of the event to further event listeners.
GenericEvent::$arguments protected property Array of arguments.
GenericEvent::$subject protected property Event subject.
GenericEvent::getArgument public function Get argument by key.
GenericEvent::getArguments public function Getter for all arguments.
GenericEvent::getIterator public function IteratorAggregate for iterating over the object like an array.
GenericEvent::getSubject public function Getter for subject property.
GenericEvent::hasArgument public function Has argument.
GenericEvent::offsetExists public function ArrayAccess has argument.
GenericEvent::offsetGet public function ArrayAccess for argument getter.
GenericEvent::offsetSet public function ArrayAccess for argument setter.
GenericEvent::offsetUnset public function ArrayAccess for unset argument.
GenericEvent::setArgument public function Add argument to event.
GenericEvent::setArguments public function Set args property.

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