/Drupal 8

abstract class ConditionFundamentals

Common code for all implementations of the entity query condition interfaces.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Query/ConditionFundamentals.php, line 8




Name Modifiers Type Description
ConditionFundamentals::$conditions protected property Array of conditions.
ConditionFundamentals::$conjunction protected property The conjunction of this condition group. The value is one of the following:
ConditionFundamentals::$namespaces protected property List of potential namespaces of the classes belonging to this condition.
ConditionFundamentals::$query protected property The query this condition belongs to.
ConditionFundamentals::conditions public function Gets a complete list of all conditions in this conditional clause. Overrides ConditionInterface::conditions
ConditionFundamentals::count public function Implements \Countable::count(). Overrides ConditionInterface::count
ConditionFundamentals::getConjunction public function Gets the current conjunction. Overrides ConditionInterface::getConjunction
ConditionFundamentals::__clone public function Implements the magic __clone function.
ConditionFundamentals::__construct public function Constructs a Condition object.

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